cab poem #9 or the poem my publisher’s afraid of

6 A.M.

ave a & 1st

an older dyke

going to park slope

says nothing.

smokes her cigarettes

making me stop

        on atlantic ave

      to buy more.

at the brownstone

  she asks me

         to come in.

i say no

i’m working,     lady.

she says

     i got no money

     need to go inside

     get it from my friend.

i say

leave me the leather jacket.

comes back

     no money

     comes back at 2

i say

  too much traffic

           an empty cab

           into brooklyn

   a loss of an hour.

i give my name & address

mail it


     i’m kissing my 10 bucks goodbye.

the next day

    in the bookstore

    front cover

    looks just like her.

i think

i could’ve parked the car

     gone in

and fucked camilla paglia

and sold the story

      for the 10 bucks.

© 1994 –Vittoria repetto


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  1. Hahaha joyfully witty

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