la lussuria nuova (the new lust)

i long for her

having seen her but a few times

the first thing i noticed

her ear to ear smile

talked to her briefly

and then the second time

surrounded by friends

she is the beatrice to my dante

though it is not love

that visits my thoughts

this poem

but lust

i burn at night

not a spiritual burning

that plans to make her

a poetic symbol for divine love

though with her

i long to reach heaven in bed

to spend the hours in love’s delight

to watch her lips

form that smile

to see how long

i can keep that smile wide

kiss and suck and bite

every inch of her

i will

leave marks

get her wet

smear that wetness down her long legs

down my throat

the hell with latex

and then deep kiss

the taste of her cunt

from my mouth to hers

put my finger up her

have her say

oooh baby baby please

put more fingers up her

have her say

oooh more baby

if no dildo available

no genoa salami in the fridge

i’ll put my whole hand up her

stroke her clit

circle lick circle

ogling cream and honey out of her cunt

the calm before the eruption

the arching of the back

the back of the throat rumble-yell

on and on

till she says

oooh baby enough

i’m going to faint

and i say

don’t worry baby

i know how to revive you

and we go on and on

till she can’t yell any more

and then we rest

locked in each other arms

both smiling

ear to ear

and then rested

she does it to me


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  1. So very beautifully butch

  2. WOOOW

    I love it!

  3. This my friend is a big wow.

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