Looking for inspiration & want a quiet non-touristy place in Italy to stay

Charming House in Framura, A Small Quiet Picturesque Town Near Cinqueterre, Italy

Framura, 3 towns north of Cinqueterre, is a rural Ligurian town consisting of 5 traditional hamlets ( sub-divisions) divided between mountain and sea with views that it will take your breath away. Costa, a sub division of Framura has archaeological, historical and artistic points of view.

My house is on the piazza of the hamlet (or sub-division) of Costa which is set on top of a hill.

The house is my personal vacation house so I hope my renters will be respectful of my property.

If you enjoy interacting w/ the locals buying groceries or chatting at the local trattoria or if you are a creative person looking for inspiration, or want a quiet non-touristy place to stay, this is the place for you.

BASIC SPEAKING COMMAND OF ITALIAN IS REQUIRED as my cousin who takes care of house for me and will meet you at your arrival does not speak any other language expect Italian

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p211239

Pics of house in Framura:


 Pics of Framura


 Pics of Spring in Framura -09\



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  1. Sigh. I wish. It looks beautiful.

  2. How lucky you are!

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