Poem: w/ queers 4 economic justice pride march 2012

w/ queers 4 economic justice pride march 2012



we wait to drive into the parade

but someone got music

I get into a dance

a bit of a trance,

a skinny black cocteau teen angel

catches my eye

as he watches me

we smile at each other

and look away.


driving down

i spot a policewoman

got a rainbow flag

hanging out a leg pocket

she sees me looking

we are two Italian butches

giving the nod and a smirk


the car announces an engagement

jay loves syd

syd loves jay


jay walks pumping the chants


syd takes pics all the way up the parade

everyone thinks

the driver and me are they

we get lots of congratulations

as i’m older and therefore jay

and must be faithful

i can only give

fleeting glances to pretty girls

@2012 – Vittoria repetto

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  1. so you fix bodies as well as write poetry! Had lots of fun reading it…also, you have a style that calls the reader into the poem…thanks for sharing it!

  2. Linda Kinsman-Saegert

    Nicely written

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