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Poem: l’rondini di framura (the swallows of framura)

up from africa

for the season

to feast on insects eating orchid fruits

and to hatch their babies

under drain pipes

and the corners of tunnels.

peaceful jets,

they pitch,



and float

down narrow sloping streets

and circle anicient towers.

©- 2014 – Vittoria repetto



poem: the protector

after mamma died,

nonna would sleep with me

in the big bed

in my parent’s apt.

dad coming home

after the restaurant closed

slept in my old bed.

as a teen

i wanted my own space

but had none.

i sometimes woke nonna up suddenly

as i in an adolescent sex dream

grabbed her.

and in the summer,

she liked the a.c. high

and i didn’t.

years after she died,

an old friend of nonna’s told me

nonna had heard

of widowers taking their daughters

and though she thought

dad was not the type,

she was going to make sure.

©- 2014 – Vittoria repetto

poem: summer 2014 – chinatown park

80 degrees

and the water games begin:

ballons and space guns

block vs block,

girls vs. boys,

b ball team vs. b ball team

run, throw, retreat,


in their enthusiasm,

they rain

near misses on the daily bench sitters.

an old chinese woman,

resting from her collection

of discarded water bottles,

yells her distain.

©- 2014 – Vittoria repetto

Poem: day off – edge of columbus park

where i sit in warm weather
having bought brown rice for the sparrows only
read and watch
old chinese
hunt for empty bottles to redeem,
tourists – some looking lost,
nicky- a homeless woman from nigeria
who calls me mum and sits for awhile
refusing addresses for shelters
but will offer me some of her mango,
people tossing bread for the pigeons
some pigeons with missing toes or feet
having escaped traps
that would have made them dinner,
the black buddhist monk
with wisdom in his chosen name
walks around them
as they eat

@2013 – Vittoria repetto

Poem: 2013 gay pride parade

a quarter to 4
and my section is still waiting to move
too many corporate floats
in front of us
wanting our busness
the price of acceptance

i watch a baby butch baby femme couple
dressed almost the same
but different.
the butch balances the femme
as she somersaults
in her arms.

@2013 – Vittoria repetto

Poem: announcement in the sistine chapel

like the voice of god
from a speaker on high
a women’s voice
tells the crowd
it’s not permitted
to take photos
this god speaks in italian, french and english
when she speaks in german,
her voice is a man’s

@2013 – Vittoria repetto

Poem: the universe likes a good joke

years later
after a childhood
of watching him ignore my mother
walk away
as i held her in my arms
during her fits
the universe plays a joke
robbing him
of his memories of his mind
making me
his caretaker

@2013 – Vittoria repetto

Poem: more study is needed

on the train to milan
an older english lady
reads a book on mindfulness
she sneezes
i say god bless
in italian and english
she doesn’t respond

@2013 – Vittoria repetto

Poem: the change

for years,

dad would ask me if I’d be coming for dinner

last sunday in june

“no, i’d say

i’m going to the gay pride, dad”

“why you want to go to that, he’d ask”

“cause you don’t have cute girls for me to meet here”

and he’d be quiet


his mind going

he asks and i answer

“going to the gay pride”

he says “you should be happy”

i chuckle to myself

thinking it took dementia

for him to change

@2013 – Vittoria repetto

Poem: going to the protest

on the bus

dawn opens her rosy fingers

lighting the statue of liberty,

i yearn for the end of an oil greedy war.

@2013 – Vittoria repetto